Session fees

The sessions fees listed below cover the creative process in planning, creating and preparing beautiful portraits of you and your family. They do not include any additional products such as prints or digital files.

Similarly to fixing a car, you pay for both the parts and labour - photography is the same. I charge separately for my time in the studio with you, and the products you choose to purchase (if any). 

Newborn Portrait Session - £95

Newborn photos are best taken when Baby is less than 14 days old, so the shoot is usually scheduled a week or so after Mum's due date. This date is flexible, so if the little one arrives earlier/later than expected, the session can be rescheduled. 

I always encourage Mum & Dad (and siblings!) to get in the photos as well. The advancement of mobile phone technology means a camera is always ready to hand, but how often will both Mum & Dad be in the shot as well? 

Maternity Portrait Session - £49

A lot of mothers want to remember this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but aren't feeling very photogenic, and that's completely understandable - your body is changing to accommodate a new little life inside you! This unfamiliar figure may make you want to shy away from the camera, but I will help you flourish and look your absolute best. 

You are creating a legacy for your child, one day they will see how much you loved and nurtured them before they were even born! Whether this is your first or fourth child, every pregnancy is unique and deserves to be documented.

During your maternity shoot, we will direct you so you feel as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. We will help you see what other people see when they say you are glowing!

A maternity shoot is scheduled between Week 32-36 of the pregnancy, can be indoors or outdoors (weather permitting), and includes one outfit change. 

Bump to Baby Package - £129

For clients interested in the full Bump to Baby package, a discount is available if both shoots are booked at the same time. 

Sitter Session - £49 (6-8 months old)

The weeks and months that follow are jam packed with developmental milestones!

First giggle, first teeth, being able roll over, and eventually..sitting up independently!

In addition to maternity and newborn shoots, I also offer Sitter sessions, which are a celebration of your little one's developmental milestones. It won't be long until your little monkey is running around, so you won't want to miss out on capturing this special stage (while they're still sitting still!)

Curious eyes, gorgeous smiles, chunky thighs and dimpled fists... Babies are so interactive at this age and I love capturing those adorable expressions that show off their personality!

Cake smash & splash! - £69 (11-12 months old)

Celebrate your little one's special birthday with a cake smash and splash! The session can either be held a month or so before your little one's birthday so the photos are ready by the time they turn one, or it can be on the grand day itself.

The session fee covers a 1 hour studio session, and includes a cake. 

We start the session off with some solo/family portraits, where you can bring along a special outfit, or choose one from my studio selection. 

We then move onto the main part of the show - the cake smash! The goal is to get as much icing in as many places as possible, and to catch the wondrous delight on your little one's face as they devour the irresistible sweet treat! 

We finish off with a bubble bath, where your little one will get to play with bubbles and rubber ducks, whilst unknowingly getting a good scrub so that they are handed back to you squeaky clean!

Watch Me Grow - £149

For clients interested in documenting their Baby's whole journey for the first year, the Watch Me Grow package is perfectly tailored for just that. 

The package includes a Newborn, Sitter Session and First Birthday photo shoot. 

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