Your Investment - Kalysha Howard-Smith

Memories that last a lifetime

The portraits I produce are designed to last a lifetime. I am helping you create a legacy for your children; your story will be immortalised forever for your children (and grandchildren) to cherish. 

For this reason, I believe they should be presented on products that will last a lifetime.

I do not print your portraits on cheap canvasses from the high street, and neither should you. 

My products are sourced from top labs around the world - I have tried and tested numerous labs that professional photographers use, and chosen the ones that are best in what they do. 

The products they produce are of the highest quality, and never fail to impress.  

Your wall art will take pride of place in your home - you will walk past it everyday, and relive those memories and emotions from your baby's first few days.

It will be the first thing guests see when they walk into your home - your eye-grabbing, attention-demanding conversation starters will ensure your guests will always be impressed by (and jealous of!) your choice of decor. 

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