Your Experience - Kalysha Howard-Smith

The Studio

My home-based studio is located in a picturesque cul-de-sac in Ashford, Kent. 

Conveniently located away from the main hustle and bustle of the town centre, the peaceful silence is only occasionally broken by the sound of children playing in their back gardens. 

Visiting my studio grants you the opportunity to leave all your stress and worries at home (the mess, the pets, or anything else that is weighing on your mind). It allows you to get away from it all, even if only for a short while. 

As my studio is home-based, it is designed to feel like your home away from home.

Feel free to curl up on the sofa in the front room, nurse a nice hot drink, and relax. My husband Simon makes a cracking cup of tea! Refreshments are provided - almost every parent I've met is running low on fuel (most of them forget breakfast/lunch because they're so busy!)   

We have a small garden your children can run around in while you relax in the studio.I even have a box of toys to keep them entertained if they prefer to sit indoors with you.                                

You don't have to worry about packing the kitchen sink, either. I have everything you need for your stay-cation: spare nappies, muslins, a changing mat, dummies, nipple pads, nipple cream, a nursing pillow, you name it! 

The only thing I don't provide is milk - so please ensure you bring plenty, as babies tend to guzzle it more during photo sessions (modelling is hard work!). 

The Session

Depending on what session you have booked, your visit will last anywhere from 2-4  hours. 

The sessions are never rushed, I only book one newborn session a day, so I am yours for as long as you need me. 

As previously mentioned, modelling is hard work, so there are plenty of breaks. The session goes at your baby's pace (or your pace, if it's a maternity shoot). 

Simon is on hand to offer any assistance we may need, be it giving me a hand in the studio, or serving up tea and coffee. Watch out though, he could talk the hind legs off a donkey! 

Before our session, I always email over a  preparation guide so you know what to expect during your session.

The session fees cover full use of the studio lighting, props and backgrounds, and I aim to provide you with around 20 portraits to choose from. 

We will then arrange a viewing where you can return and view your images. I offer a variety of products for you to showcase your beautiful memories.

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